Timeshare Owner Services

Our GetAway365 members that own timeshare weeks have access to programs that enhance the value of their timeshare week ownership by giving them the ability to decide each year if they want to use their timeshare week or turn their timeshare week into dollars they can put in their pocket, or spend towards their next great vacation.


Two Great Programs to Choose From!



Our Deposit-for-Dollars program allows members to deposit a timeshare week and receive a substantial amount of GetAway Savings Dollars in return. The amount of GetAway Savings Dollars given per timeshare week is usually greater than the timeshare week M&T's owed. The program is easy-to-use and designed to offer additional savings options for our members. Virtually all full-week intervals are accepted and you can deposit a week as close as sixty (60) days from the arrival date.


Rental Marketplace

Our Rental Marketplace program allows you to list your timeshare week for rent to other Club members as well as our various industry partners. The Rental Marketplace is designed to be hassle-free and allows our members to easily control the rental price and terms for the rental of their timeshare week.